About Scoop Software


help-custom-databaseSCOOP Consulting is a leading independent information management and custom database specialists in Vancouver. With over 30 years’ experience and an exceptional track record, SCOOP Consulting helps companies to improve their bottom line by enhancing workplace processes.

We do this by building cost effective systems that reduce errors and improve productivity. These systems are created using existing and customized software applications.

SCOOP Consulting has been providing affordable information management and database solutions for small businesses since 1995. The company’s founder, Steve Cooper, sought to apply his strong business analysis skills and technical wizardry to help growing businesses adjust to increasing demands. Backed by a long list of clients from a variety of industries, SCOOP Consulting has the knowledge and the experience to solve your data dilemmas.


Steve Cooper – Owner of Scoop Software


Steve_CooperSteve began his career in software in the mid 1970’s at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. In those days, computer screens weren’t even available! To run a program, you punched each line of the program onto a ‘punch’ card. (This was a card with holes punched in it to specify each of 80 characters in the line.) A ‘deck’ of punch cards might have hundreds of cards to it. The deck was submitted to an operator who ran your deck through a reader and handed your deck back to you.

Several hours later, the results of the processing were printed in a report. To avoid confusion each report had a ‘banner’ page identifying the programmer and these were put into slots sorted alphabetically. The banner page consisted of 5 letters printed 4″ tall … it consisted of your first initial (S for Steve) followed by the first four letters of your last name (COOP for Cooper) and for ‘Steve Cooper’ it turned out to be … you guessed it … SCOOP!

After many years working for large companies and government agencies building systems large and small, ‘SCOOP’ decided to go out on his own using the banner of many years ago!