Case Studies

Case Studies


Client Management System

Johnstone‚Äôs Benefits is an employee benefits broker who needed a comprehensive new client management system. Their existing system utilized a combination of FoxPro, Lotus and WordPerfect, applications that couldn’t communicate together properly, making day-to-day operations hard to manage and frustrating for staff and clients alike.

We designed and built a single, integrated system, saving money and time by reusing their existing FoxPro database, properly integrating it with MS-Office and Hotdocs. Their system now easily produces all required reports and other documents—without a costly database rebuild.


Custom Document Database

One of Vancouver’s leading design and fabrication shops, Innovative Tool & Die needed a quick and simple way to search and retrieve information about their design jobs, which were housed separately in individual folders on a server for use by JobBoss, their industry’s standard software tool.

After agreeing to a plan, we delivered a document database that took their design files and metadata and incorporated a bridge to JobBoss. Now, staff can search for job documents in multiple ways and access them for multiple business purposes. Updates made on the JobBoss application are properly reflected in the new document database.


Custom Database – Invoicing

Stone Slinger, a division of the landscaping firm, King Kubota, provides many different landscaping materials from a number of sources for a wide variety of customers.

We came aboard to provide a complete work tracking and invoicing system that supports comprehensive costing and pricing models while providing total control over all aspects of the final invoice. The system is even used now to dispatch jobs, integrating with the payroll and other business systems.


Custom Database + Data Cleaning

Lower Mainland Assessment & Referral Services (LMARS) is a group committed to helping people seek employment who are facing barriers.

Their original system primarily relied primarily on paper documents and an obsolete Access database. Much of the data within their system was redundant and reporting methods were inadequate.

SCOOP was able to create both a new database-driven system for them and eliminate redundancies, improving overall reporting capabilities. The new system has been so successful that other, similar organizations to LMARS are now using it.