Lower Mainland Assessment & Referral Services

Lower Mainland Assessment & Referral Services (LMARS) works with employers to provide confidential assistance to employees with personal issues. Clients are provided with treatment for an array of problems, including but not limited to psychological distress, addictions, and familial conflict.

Main Issue

LMARS information management system primarily relied on paper filing and an obsolete Access database. The system limited the amount of information input and much of the data within the system was redundant. Statistics and reporting methods were also inadequate.


The cases and clients LMARS deal with are complicated and require the recording of a lot of information. SCOOP created a new database that allowed for a more in-depth tracking of client visit information, treatment details, and referrals. Costs and time consumed during treatment are also accounted for within the new system.


Client treatment is now more effectively carried out, as LMARS employees have access to more complete client summaries. Business operations are easily analyzed and improved upon due to simple reporting processes, and annual reports can be produced in minutes. SCOOP’s solution for LMARS has proven so effective that it has since been adopted by another assessment and referral service and is being considered by other organizations.