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Innovative Tool & Die – Design document database

Innovative Tool & Die is one of Vancouver’s leading design shops and completes hundreds of jobs for clients each year. The jobs were tacked and invoiced using an industry standard system called Jobboss. Outside that system, Innovative have literally thousands of job designs stored in folders on their server, on backup media and in paper copies throughout the office.

Main Issue

Innovative needed a simple way to search and retrieve their designs based on job number, design number or location of the file.


SCOOP created a system that retained lists of jobs, storage locations and design documents. The database was initially filled with data from the existing list of designs. A bridge to Jobboss was built so that project data could be retrieved from the master database and interrogated and searched in the design database. To that was added cross-references between the jobs, designs and storage locations. The designs can be viewed in detail or searched and accessed from lists of jobs, lists of locations, lists of designers or lists of designs.


Innovative can quickly locate and retrieve information about their design documents. They have a permanent repository of the design documents that are the core of their business success.