King Kubota and Stone Slinger subsidiary

King Kubota is a landscape company that specializes in hauling materials to/from sites where and when companies or individuals require materials for their landscaping or need waste hauled away.

Main Issue

To support their customers, King Kubota must provide a multitude of materials, each of which may come from a number of suppliers, each at a different cost. Pricing for jobs becomes complex as the companies markup varies with the size of the client. Their invoicing must also accommodate simple 1-day residential jobs as well as large developer contracts spanning many months and hundreds of tons of hauled materials.


SCOOP has created a work tracking and invoicing system that supports comprehensive costing and pricing models that span a wide range of materials and suppliers, accommodates multiple pricing levels for clients and allows taxes to optionally be applied as required. Most importantly, the invoiced are created in a summary format that simplifies the format of the invoice while allowing complete control over the final invoice and the amounts charged to customers. In addition to providing on demand invoicing that caters to the timing for each job, the system cross-references to the payroll and supplier PO’s to manage the cost side of the business.


King Kubota now has a system that dispatch uses as a control center to send out trucks on various jobs as calls come in. The details of each haul are captured in the database and retain a complete history of work done by the company. Administration quickly create invoices as progress is made on each job and management can review and refine each invoice to suit the needs of each job.