Johnstone’s is an employee benefit broker that works with small to medium sized businesses. As the primary point of contact between their clients and the insurance provider, they require a comprehensive client management system that is able to produce benefit statements and handle invoicing.

Main Issue

Johnstone’s former client information management system, which utilized FoxPro, Lotus and WordPerfect, was out of date and obsolete. Also, information was not available in a client-friendly format.


SCOOP was able to spare Johnstone’s an expensive rebuild of their core database by working with the existing FoxPro database. The integration of Microsoft Office and Hotdocs with the database allows employees to access and modify client information quickly and easily. Documents and reports may now be produced in formats that are both employee and client friendly, such as Excel and Word.


Johnstone’s now has a client management system that works for them. Daily operations are streamlined and interaction with clients is simplified – without the costly endeavor of a database rebuild.