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Our Services: Helping Streamline Business

Situation: Continuous Change

As your small to medium-sized business evolves and grows, your data processing requirements need to keep up.

Key administrators know that when markets, business environments or regulations change, they need to look at their current software and data processing practices for improvements, regulatory compliance and efficiency gains.

Is Your Software Keeping Pace With Your Situation?

Are your existing off-the-shelf or custom applications not doing the job any longer?

Are your people fighting with software systems, data and reports that aren’t effectively telling them what they need to know?

How We Help

At Scoop Software, we provide you with customized software and data organization services. We make sure that your computer systems fit YOUR business’ needs, as YOU see them.

We work in partnership with your people to make sure that everything we do is designed to address your specific needs and works to the highest possible standards.



Our Services:


Systems Analysis

Where do I start?

If you know that you need to do “something” to upgrade your computer systems and don’t know how much effort or cost is involved, we help start the ball rolling with Systems Analysis.

What do I get?

You’ll receive a careful written analysis of your current software, networking, data, hardware and reporting needs, along with a solid upgrade path from these systems to new possibilities. You’ll see clearly how much it will cost to upgrade your hardware, software and people skills, as well as what to do (and when) for your best ROI – Return On Investment.

We look at the current state of packaged software for your industry and how it can be adjusted to fit your business’ needs. If the available packages won’t fit all or even part of your growing needs, we’ll document what level of customization will be necessary.

Many small to medium-sized businesses may not have staff available with the kind of in-depth technical skills, experience and knowledge that can provide this analysis.

For more information, please contact us.

Systems Implementation

Have upgrade plans already?

Once you have our Systems Analysis report or if you already have plans for a new or upgraded system from someone else, we’ll work with you on systems implementation.

We can do as much or as little as you like; we’re happy to build out your entire system or only the components you want us to do.

The Steps

First, we’ll go over your Systems Analysis plans with you if they were supplied by another professional. This will help us understand where you are at and where you want to go.

Next, we’ll agree on a work schedule, milestones for major and minor system components, testing, final delivery and a payment schedule.

Lastly, we’ll get started!

Most of the work we do for clients is customized to their specific needs, so it’s completely normal for minor situations to arise requiring additional problem analysis and possible modification to the implementation schedule. We’ll be in continuous contact with you, so that nothing is overlooked.

Please note that we’re not always able to do every task within the scope of our client’s overall plans. At times like these, we have a network of trusted professionals that we work with who can fill in any gaps. Our professional associates invoice their work separately from Scoop Software.

For more information, please contact us.

Database Creation/Modification

When do I need a database?

You need a database when you want to keep all of your important company data in one place.

When your data is housed in a single connected, integrated place, you avoid duplication and isolation problems. Data duplication almost invariably leads to inaccuracies while isolation limits your system’s growth and effectiveness.

How about modifying databases?

Database modifications can be tricky. There are three standard modifications: deleting or altering existing tables and/or fields or adding new tables and/or fields.

All these modifications can be challenging. Every application that uses a field from your database that is slated to be changed in any way has to be checked carefully to make sure there aren’t any adverse effects. It’s critical to check every program that accesses a database when changes are made to it.

We have experience with databases of all sorts and can help you with most of the popular Windows-based databases.

For more information, please contact us.

Database Backup Planning

Are you ready for disaster?

What would it take for your business to survive a fire? How about a flood from a burst pipe? How soon can your business be back up up and be productive again?

No one wants the problems that go with unexpected events like these, but let’s face it, they can happen any day, without warning. Being prepared is your best defense.

Your most valuable business asset

Of course your people are your most valuable asset. Your company information and records though, are a close second. The total loss of your data could conceivably stop you from restarting if they’re lost in a catastrophe.

Don’t get caught wondering what to do when the unexpected happens. We can help you to come up with a backup/restore plan that works for you, that will give you the best chance of having your computer systems back up and running in the shortest possible time.

For more information, please contact us.

Data Migration

Moving to a brand new system?

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve probably built up a fair amount of data on staff, customers, products and suppliers. This data is likely worth a lot of money.

Moving to a new computer system can be challenging, and one of the big challenges can be: how can I transfer my existing data? It’s not always straightforward.

The export/import process

The time to think about this is before the new system is fully defined. Much of the time, moving data from one system to the next one is pretty clear, but it’s rare indeed not to have hiccups along the way.

Over time, errors creep into your data, most often in unexpected ways. The data in your current system will very likely have some, or perhaps many, errors. You want to avoid importing bad or erroneous data into your new system, so a thorough ‘data cleaning’ of your current data might be extremely beneficial.

We work with you to draw up plans to test and clean your existing data, merging it with other data as required, then exporting from your current system(s), importing to the new database and testing it out.

For more information, please contact us.